Friday, May 16, 2014

Quilt Lemonade: The Details

The Details
Who We Are:  A charity quilt drive benifitting the community of La Limonada in Guatemala City, which is considered to be the largest urban slum area in Central America.

Who Quilts Are For:  There are many great programs run by Lemonade International to help the people in this community.  Our primary focus is the children in the safe house, which currently houses 19 children. After this goal is met, my hope is that we can continue to cover this community in quilty love across all populations!

What We Need:  Completed quilts in a usable size - lap size or larger.  A general reference is 50" x 50", but if you have a quilt that you would like to share that is larger or a tad smaller that is welcome too!  We want these to be a functional size - pretty to look at and warm to snuggle under!

Get Involved:  If you are interested in providing a quilt for this community, or have any questions about this project,  please contact me (Valerie) via email at betweenquilts (dot) gmail (dot) com.  Learn more about La Limonada and other ways to be involved at Lemonade International.

The first quilt I made for La Limonada