Monday, October 24, 2011

Beebolt Block!

As part of our swag bag at Sewing Summit, beebolt gave fabric squares to everyone so we could each make a block which will then be made into a quilt and auctioned off for charity. I decided to give half square triangles another try. These little guys are often tricky (at least, for me!), but after seeing Amy's tutorial (she's so talented and explained this so well!), I knew this is what I wanted to do for the beebolt block. See?! They are so versatile! They start out looking like this:Then they can be laid out like this:or this:
or this:or this:
or this:

and so many more choices! In the end, I went with this, framing it out in orange - my favorite color!
I'm excited to see what everyone comes up with, and can't wait to see how it all comes together in a finished quilt. Thanks, beebolt!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Sewing Summit!

The Sewing Summit

It was AWESOME!!! I am still recovering from a whirlwind few days, but wanted to share a little about this extraordinary weekend. I met so many wonderful people and learned so many fun things...and don't even get me started on the swag! Our bags were FULL of fun treats: fabric, batting, tons of patterns, supplies... so much fun to go through. I haven't taken a picture yet but I'll try to soon. Although I don't know how to use some of the items (batting for microwaving potatos - seriously?!), I am excited to learn some new things and use all these goodies!

I attended the shop hop on Friday morning, and had such fun hanging out with some new friends on the bus they chartered for us. The three shops we went to didn't stand a chance with all 50 of us descending on them at once! I think collectively, we pretty much cleared them out of a TON of fat quarters! So here is my bounty from that day...

To be fair, the left half of the picture was my roommate's stash...I understand my side is bigger, but still! Speaking of roommate, I so enjoyed meeting her! We took a chance to share a room in the name of being frugal, despite having never met before. It worked out perfectly! We had such fun staying up late and I felt so inspired by her creativity. The picture I took of us together didn't turn out so great, so I'm hoping hers did so I can borrow it and post it here! I look forward to staying in touch with this new crafting friend.

I had the opportunity to take some really great classes, one of them being Free Motion Quilting for the Modern Quilter. Here I am with the teacher, quilting rock star Allison from Cluck Cluck Sew. I'll admit many times I was a bit star struck during the weekend, being with all these women whose blogs I read and get inspiration from on a regular basis. Taking Allison's class was certainly one of those times. She is so sweet and helpful! Here is the sampler I made in class, practicing different quilting patterns.

It was fun to try some new things, and I'm definitely planning on using either the square or the triangle quilting on one of my Kona Solids quilts.

There is so much more I want to share about summit, but it's getting late and I don't want to leave out anything important! My absolute favorite part of the whole weekend was meeting new friends and spending time with so many crazy talented people! I'll be back soon with more info!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

What do these want to be???

I've had these fabrics sitting on my sewing desk for a while now - mostly because I can't bear to put them away and hide their loveliness. I love seeing them together as I'm sewing up other things...but I'm completely undecided as to what to do with them. A quilt is begging to come out of these beauties, but alas, what quilt?? Any thoughts? This is one of my favorite parts of many possibilites stretch out before the farics, and creativity can go a hundred different directions. I love it!