Friday, April 25, 2014

Quilt Lemonade on Modern Sewciety Podcast Today!

I'm so excited to share about Project Quilt Lemonade on the Modern Sewciety Podcast today!  I had a chance to talk at Sew South about the charity quilt project I started for Lemonade International.  I have been so encouraged by the willingness of people to help this cause with their time and talent.  After the retreat, 
Alison put me in touch with Stephanie, who recently began a podcast for modern sewists, in an effort to reach a wider audience.  Stephanie was a delight to chat with, and I truly appreciate her help in spreading the word about our need for quilts for this community in Guatemala.  

Check out the podcast by clicking here, and while you're there, check out the rest of her shows too - she has lots of talented, fun people on her show!  It feels like you are listening to some friends having a conversation - which is pretty much the beauty of this quilting community.  Thanks again Stephanie!

And don't you just LOVE the new Quilt Lemonade button?!  A HUGE thank you to my sweet friend Lindsey of LR Stiched who made it for me!  I love what she made and am grateful for tech-savvy friends 
who help a girl out when she needs it :)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sew South 2014

sew south front of buisness card

I blinked and a month went by.  Why does that keep happening??  And although this time has passed, I simply must tell you about Sew South.  Nearly 4 full days of friends, fun, laughing, crying (the good kind - from meaningful conversations), chatting, food, and very little sleep - all among the backdrop of fabric, thread, sewing, and classes.  It was the best!  I came home exhausted in the best way, feeling full and satisfied in deep places in my heart.  It was just what I was needing. The people are by far the BEST part about a retreat and it was so great to see old friends and meet new ones too.  Lots of laughs, chatting, and nerding out over thread and fabric were happening all over the place.   I'm awful about taking pictures during an event - I'm so in the moment I don't even think about it - but here are a few taken with my cell phone.
With Alison Glass

                                                                        With Tessa 

With Courtney

With Kati 

With several fellow Stitch Tease Bee members - Di, Trina, and Cindy.  Interestingly, three additional members of this bee were together that same weekend on the other side of the world :).

                                                                    With Nancy 

With Laurel

 With Lindsey
With Roommate Amy

A highlight for me was when we presented Jennifer with the quilt we had made her, but alas, that deserves it's own post so I'll write about that later.  Spoiler alert - lots of tears that morning!

A GIANT thank you to Jennifer and all the sponsors for making Sew South such a fantastic event!