Friday, February 24, 2012


If you're here from Modern Quilt Guild, welcome!  I have a humble little blog here, but my love of all things quilt is strong!  So you can imagine my feelings, when earlier this week I received a Flickr mail note from Alissa- yes, that one!  You know, one of the founding members of the Modern Quilt Guild, the author of this fantastic book, and this one I can't wait to get my hands on...really, she needs no introduction - but for the person who reads this blog that doesn't quilt (Hi, Mom!), I'll just tell ya she's a quilting rock star I've followed and admired for a long time now.  I was about to fall off my chair pleased when she wanted to feature Racing Stripes on the 100 Days of Modern Quilting Week of Solids.  Thrill!  Here's a couple more pictures of the quilt because I just can't resist:

                                                                        (the back)
 So a giant thank you to Alissa and the folks over at The Modern Quilt Guild for being a source of encouragement and inspiration, and for including me in the process- I feel humbled and honored and you've made my day for many days!

Friday, February 10, 2012

This Week...

Lots of real life happening over here this week, which means little time for fun craft stuff, but I wanted to pop in and say hi.  Oh, and I just had to show you this:
 Look at what my sister-in-law Beth made for my daughter!!  It came as a total surprise in the mail one day, and I think I was as excited as my daughter was when we opened it.  It could be a tie for how much we loved it - although I know the value of a good handmade item, she kept hugging it and saying "I've been wanting this for years and years!" (people, she's 3!).   I totally got caught up in the moment and explained to her what a family heirloom is, and that we would save this for her babies to wear someday.  And now she's asking me when she's having babies...uh, first things first, kiddo, let's just wear the pretty sweater, OK?!  Here's a close up of some of the detail:
 The yarn is Plucky Knitter Primo Worsted in Bashful and the pattern is Tiny Tea Leaves by Madeline Tosh.  This photo doesn't do the buttons justice, but they have sweet little subtle flowers tone on tone in the cream. Thanks again, Aunt Beth - it's beautiful just like you and we love it!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Meet Banjo!

Look who joined our circus!

I just had to share this sweet little face with you.  He's more like a big, sweet moose really.  He has slid right in and assumed his role of great family dog by letting the kids lay on him, cover him with blankets, and lead him around the house and yard on a leash.  Total cuteness!