Thursday, November 17, 2011

Eye Candy much time do I actually spend online looking at eye candy in all kinds of crafty forms??? I'm not sure I really want to know...blogs, pinterest, flickr, online shops - there is no end of sources for inspiration and just a little dreamy eye candy to pass the time and escape the reality of ahem, a real life (the house needs to be cleaned again! Didn't I just scrub that bathroom yesterday???). So anyway, I thought I'd share a few pieces of eye candy with you. Here is the
flickr mosaic I made for my swap partner in the Post Summit Swap. Aren't these all so fun??? I never get tired of seeing this!

Then, this week I used some gift cards to get these two quilting books. I've been wanting both of them, and was surprised to realize that I know/have met several people who have contributed to these books. That just made enjoying these books all the sweeter!

Talk about eye candy! Block Party by Alissa Haight Carlton & Kristen Lejnieks has so many fun projects and great tips. I love how they included tons of design ideas and encourage the reader in their own creativity. I've wanted to participate in a virtual bee for ages and reading this book got me moving in that direction. Next up is Modern Blocks compiled by Susanne Woods. Inspiration. On. Every. Page. I want to make all 99 of these blocks! Seriously, amazing. And then, in a perfect storm of combining elements of both of these books, I stumbled across a new online bee called Modern Blocks Bee, started by Alix! There will be 12 participants, each being assigned a month and sending out fabric to each person with requests for different blocks from this book. What a great way to get to try different blocks and share the fun with others.
I am so thankful that I get to participate with these talented group of women from all over the world! on earth will I narrow down my block selections...good thing my month isn't until later next year!
Now, I leave you with a little eye candy of my own from a current work in progress...


  1. How fun! Have you ever done an online bee or is this your first? Looks like you will have a great time!

  2. Lots of fabulous eye candy, for sure! Picking a block for a bee is fun, but I agree; it's hard to narrow it down! I bet you'll have a lot of fun with it!

  3. Hi! I saw we are in the same Flickr pool and I wanted to stop by to say 'hello'. I started following your blog. Please come by and follow mine if you like what you see!