Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Meet Banjo!

Look who joined our circus!

I just had to share this sweet little face with you.  He's more like a big, sweet moose really.  He has slid right in and assumed his role of great family dog by letting the kids lay on him, cover him with blankets, and lead him around the house and yard on a leash.  Total cuteness!

And in sewing news, I've been working on these blocks for the Japanese x and + swap.  I'm on the fence about this block.  I love how final result of the block but getting there - ugh!  Lots and lots of cutting and stopping and marking.  But each set of blocks goes a bit faster, so I'm hoping to find my groove.  I think the finished scrapiness is going to look great, so I'm choosing persistence at this point.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Banjo is adorable! I love your x and + blocks, too. How many are you planning to make?

  2. Hi, Banjo! What a cutie. Is he a mix of some sort? Great work on the blocks. Such interesting color combos!