Thursday, April 5, 2012

Awww, thanks!

Julie, of Jolie Maxtin, surprised me today with some bloggy love in the form of the Liebster Award - Thanks Julie!  Truth be told, I didn't even know about this award, but having had the chance to poke around a bit on the internet, I see it is a chance to spotlight some blogs that have less than 200 followers.  It seems the rules of the game are:
1- you thank the person who "awarded" you with a link back to their site Again, thanks Julie!  Y'all are seriously gonna want to click on that link - check out her squares quilt - the quilting is fantastic!
2 - you then get to pass on the award to 5 other blogs who have less than 200 followers.  Leave a comment on their blogs telling them you've done so.
So, here are my five picks - go check them out and spread the bloggy love!
1) Megan, of Crooked Seams, is a friend from the Triangle Modern Quilt Guild (and our vice president!) who is funny and kind and super talented.  The quilting she does always stops me in my tracks, and she is currently doing a series called Let Me See Your Jelly Roll where she urges us all to use up those jelly rolls we have laying around.  I told you she was funny :)
2) Claudia, from Machen Und Tun, is a friend I met at Sewing Summit last year.  She is super sweet and stayed up late to teach a bunch of us how to make these adorable boxy zippered pouches.  Her Cross Starts Quilt she is working on is so fresh and fun - just like so many of her other projects!
3) Alisha and Ashley, from A Squared Craft Affairs, are sisters who just started a blog together.  I'm in the Modern Blocks Bee with Alisha, and she has a great eye for design and color.  Best wishes to them as they start their new blog!
4)Heidi, from Fabric Mutt, because she always leaves the sweetest comments, and she sews a ton of fun things in the midst of busy motherhood.
And 5) Natalie, from Greenleaf Goods, who I also met all too briefly at Sewing Summit and who is so kind and talented.  Her bee blocks and quilts are always so bright and colorful - scrolling through her photostream on Flickr is like flipping through a great craft book!

I hope you enjoy checking out some of these blogs - what a fun way to pass an evening!


  1. Congratulations, Valerie!! I'll have to check out those blogs, they all sound great!

  2. yay, Valerie! I hope you had a fun weekend with the family, and a little sewing time, too!

  3. What a nice honor! And a great way to learn about new blogs.