Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Still Here!

Where does the time go?!  I've got lots of irons in the fire around here and barely a minute leftover to blog about any of it.  Isn't that just how life is sometimes??  Well, that, and the reality that is my lap top - so desperately needing to be replaced but the best way to make a blog post (why isn't the iPad more convenient?!).  But seriously, our laptop has been dropped one too many times, and has the extra awesome need to be tethered into the wall outlet, but the connector is so shaky if you cough it jiggles out and bam!  Got to reboot.  Ugh! Anyway...enough with my technological issues - let's get on to some eye candy!

My workspace has looked like this a lot lately

 All in the efforts to make this:
 FINALLY - My x and + quilt top is done!! Yeesh - this one took me forever.  But I adore these blocks, and over the past year they quickly became my "sewing dessert" - you know, what you work on for fun during stolen moments between bigger projects.  I started out just making 4 at a time, and sloooowly, there was quite a pile.  I meant for it to be a lap quilt size, but since I couldn't stop with all the cheery brightness, it grew to a sizeable 64" x 80".  

And I made this fun little pincushion!

I so enjoy how happy this little apple is, and full of ground walnut shells, it makes a solid place to park my pins.  It was time to replace my teeny tiny tomato one that I got with a beginner sewing kit about 10 years ago.  My kids would jam the pins all the way in, and make little faces on the sides out of pins - like this:

Here's a side by side comparison, so you can see the size difference.  Ahh, much better!

So, what's your sewing dessert - the project you are always excited to get back to??


  1. Love what you're making, Valerie! That quilt is gorgeous!! I had the same problem with my old laptop. It lasted about five minutes without being plugged in during those last days...

  2. That x and + quilt is soooo gorgeous!! I really want to make one of those. However, my current "dessert" is my low volume log cabins. But I haven't had a lotta time for dessert, lately!

  3. My dessert is hexagons-- every time. I love your x and + . Such cheery colours. Love all that orange : )

  4. Wow - your x and plus is stunning!!!

  5. Amazing finish. Such great colors.

  6. Seriously, it is like we have parallel lives sometimes! My laptop had the exact same issues, only the last time it was dropped was directly on the charger cord, so no more laptop. Which means no blogging, but does help with increasing my sewing time! Meanwhile, your quilt is just stunning! Such a great finish!!

  7. Love the pin cushion! It's so cute.

  8. Beautiful quilt top!! I love all the happy colors!

  9. your pincushion is adorable!
    and I also love your quilt! good job!