Monday, March 2, 2015

My New Favorite Quilt

OK, like many quilters, my favorite quilt is often the last one I've just finished.  This just means there is lots of opportunity for each quilt to have it's turn in the spotlight - the one everyone clamors for during family movie night- the one I find the kids have snuck downstairs to put on their bed before they go to sleep.  But truly, I think THIS quilt is my favorite.  I mean it this time. ;)

Everytime I walk through this room, my eyes find their way to all those colorful candy-like triangles, and it makes me happy.  It just does!

This quilt was made with the help of my dear friends from around the globe in The Stitch Tease Bee.  I have so enjoyed sewing with this group of talented women for the past few years and am so thankful to have a tangible reminder of our work together living wtih me in my home!  I came up with a panel of flying geese (see tutorial here) for my beemates to make with me and I love what they created!  There are so many special fabrics in here, including some of my all-time favorites, that it is easy to lose several minutes just looking at them all.  Eye candy at its finest.

And the back!  I've been saving this hoarded Ikea fabric for something special and had this quilt in mind from the start.  I quilted with a walking foot spiraling out from the center - worth the effort and sore shoulders if you ask me.  I love it!


  1. Oh *gasp*! It's beautiful! My eyes would be drawn to it all the time, too! :D I love the colors you chose, they are so warm and a welcome relief from this winter!

  2. I love all the color. It is amazing how such a simple block can create such beauty. I love that IKEA fabric as well. I have been looking for it but sadly they don't have it near me.

  3. It is amazing. Eye candy is right. If it ever goes missing, you can find it at my house : )

  4. Bravo Val. It's so great to see this one all put together.


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