Monday, December 5, 2011


 Look what arrived in my mailbox over the weekend!  I spoke with Bill at Modern Quilt Studio on Thursday afternoon...and by Saturday my order had arrived!  Talk about service!  Weeks and Bill have a lot going on with an upcoming move - so it amazed me that they coordinated a sale (with free shipping when a dollar was donated to the food bank).  I snagged up some yardage of some tonal prints I fell in love with when I was there over the summer - seriously, these have been staples for me lately in a variety of projects and are so versatile.  That brown print is so rich and warm with splashes of fun color too.  And then I grabbed two solids scrap packs - one with 4 yards of warm white and one with colors from their Beach Glass quilt.  Now, I have to mention, what they consider "scraps" is really yardage to the rest of us - I guess this is the case when you buy fabric by the bolt!  Dare to dream... And they threw in a lovely surprise - a copy of their new magazine/mini-book!  So sweet!  The printing is very high quality, it has several patterns, no advertisements, and is full of tips and ideas for all kinds of projects.  I especially liked the Palette Chasing article where they shared a palette swatch inspired from artwork at the Library of Congress.  Brilliant!  Thanks again, Weeks and Bill!

And another kind of surprise this weekend was getting to see the Broadway series  A Christmas Story musical - so fun!  And wearing these sparkly shoes to the event made it that much more special.  Normally, you can find me wearing yoga pants and t-shirts, so having a chance to dress up was a real treat.  We had a babysitter and everything!  Another rare treat indeed!  Mr. BQ was dashing in his suit, and we had a great time at the show and out to dinner afterwards.   If you get the chance to check out this show - go for it!  Different from the movie - surprisingly sentimental (or maybe that's just me???  Was I the only tearful one there??  Those kids on stage were gettin' to me!) - and a great way to kick-off the Christmas season.

And last but not more surprise I had today was what happens when 3 preschoolers are left to their own devices for 15 minutes (OK, 20) while I sewed on binding.  Apparently, they decided to play Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer...complete with drawing red noses on their faces with markers!!  I knew it was too quiet in there!  I guess that's what I get, but really, sometimes you're so close to finishing a project you just have to do it!  And it was kind of funny....
Have you had any good surprises lately???


  1. Aww, Rudolph noses! That's adorable, although I'm sure that's not the word you used as you cleaned them up. ;)

    And those shoes are so much fun! Every once in a while, my mom, sister and I go see some sort of musical. I always enjoy it when we do!

  2. Glad you've been able to enjoy the holidays! Your husband's a keeper to take you to a musical. Hahaha, hope you snapped a photo of the kids Rudolph noses! No big surprises for me yet this year, but the month's still young.

  3. I LOVE THESE SHOES! So fun to see you blogging. Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas. XO!