Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A couple of blocks...

Just popping in to say a quick hello before I'm off for bed.  I feel like I've been sewing up a storm without much to show for it.  Why do I always get more done in my head than with my hands?!  People, there are some beautiful quilts in my head...if even 5% come to life I'll be a busy (happy) girl :).  So here's a couple of blocks I've done recently:
 This one is for Megan, my sweet, fellow Kingsport, TN friend, who happens to be the VP of our guild (TMQG).  She provided these fun solids and asked for clean lines. I've been toying with the idea of a filmstrip looking block, and I was excited to try it out here.  I hope she likes it!

And next are blocks I made for me! - It's my turn in the Modern Blocks Bee and I spent ages trying to decide which block to have bee members do.  I changed my mind about a zillion times, but in the end decided to do the practical thing and ask for help with a quilt for my little guy's bed. I sent out various fabrics in solids and prints in the color scheme of red, blue, gray and white, asking for square inspired blocks.  I'm hoping for a variety of blocks in different sizes, unified with the color scheme and square shape repeat.  Here are two I've made:

This is a giant (24 inch) block I just sort of improved.
This one is from the book we are using (Modern Blocks) and is called Pinball Machine by Jessica Brown.
This has been so fun and I'm excited to see how this quilt turns out!


  1. Squee! I love it! Heh, film strips - you're taking me back. I hope you're having fun on all your vacations!

  2. I think because in our heads, there is no ripping out : )

  3. Your blocks look great, Valerie! Your son is going to have such a cool quilt!

  4. I totally love the blocks for your son! That will be a very fun quilt.