Monday, August 13, 2012

Birthdays and Blocks

Whew!!  Wow, y'all -  I've survived Birthday Central.  Our three kids have their birthdays all in one week, which in some ways is awesome and in other ways, is crazy busy.  And for some crazy reason, I'm convinced that they each have to have a homemade (as in, by me) cake.  Our kitchen becomes a cake sculpting station covered with frosting and all kinds of sugary sweets that just sends the kids in fits and giggles and maybe just short of a frenzy fit for a king.  I need to upload the rest of the pics, but here is my oldest son's cake.  He loves all things Star Wars and his favorite is R2D2.  His cake definitely had the "homemade" look to it, but as long as it looked like R2 to him, I was going to be happy.  He loved it!  As did his friends, so it was worth every bit of it.

We also did a special treat for his class - Yes, the child has started kindergarten - Ack!  I'm so proud of that kid.  Anyway, again, he wanted Star Wars, so we made cupcakes and then put a sugar cookie we had rolled out and stamped with a Star Wars figure on top.  He chose orange for the glaze color, which upon seeing he said looked like they'd been covered in cheese!  Ya know, it kinda did.  But it tasted good, and by all accounts, the kids loved them.  Again, worth it.

 For the twins, I try to alternate who gets a more "complicated" cake every year - this year my son wanted a fire engine cake while my daughter wanted a purple heart cake.  Purple heart?!  Done!  Easy peasy.  The kids get so excited to pick out their cakes, and usually pick the next year's cake the day after their birthday, and shockingly, don't really change their minds during the year.  But, we'll just think about that later...

I haven't had much blogging time this summer but I have been sewing when I can.  We had our block exchange with the Triangle Modern Quilt Guild.  I've shared a few I made for other people but here are some more:
For Terry
For Sylvia

For Jenny
For John
For Sara
For Becky

For Kate
And here are the blocks people made for me:  
Aren't they beautiful?!  I provided everyone with some of the solid blue fabric and a mix of bright fabrics, and requested any block with a triangle in the design.  I love how creative people were and I look forward to  pulling this quilt together.  But alas, that will have to wait until some other things that are higher on the quilt-to-do list are taken care of.  I'll be back soon!


  1. WHOA. Three birthdays in a week? Yowza! That is intense, but it's so great of you to make them each a cake. The R2D2 cake is super fun! I love all of the quilt blocks, too. I especially love the one you made for Kate!

  2. Your cake and cupcakes look great! I totally agree that everyone needs a homemade cake for their birthday. My brother, sister, and I all have birthdays within two weeks of each other and it was always a festive month! Now with spouses and kids we've added another 4 birthdays that month, too. And all your blocks look super! Looks like you have a fun guild!

  3. Hmm, that was obviously a couple of exciting annual Christmas parties there ;o) Love the R2D2 cake, so cute! My mum only ever made me one cake, shaped like a bunny, for my 8th birthday. I've never forgotten it, specifically because it was the only one!

    Love the blocks going both ways :o)

  4. I am VERY impressed by your cake creating skills! You and Laurie need to share your creations with one another. (She's the designated birthday-cake baker for her nephews.)

    In other news, I've learned that you no longer need a Facebook account to join Pinterest . . . or an invitation. *tempt* *tempt*

  5. What a ca-ute cake! I can't believe you made it all by yourself (not that I don't have faith in your skillz. It just looks that awesome.) Seeing all your bee blocks together makes me so happy! All that scrappiness looks great with the blue.