Monday, September 17, 2012


Did you know you can make ricotta cheese???  I didn't.  But now I do, thanks to The Homemade Pantry, by Alana Chernila.  It's easy, too - just milk and lemon juice - who knew?!  
 And let me tell you, it is a creamy, fresh, smooth, delicious concoction and you can't help but steal little tastes.  Alana suggest drizzling it with honey and eating it straight - kind of like greek yogurt.
I thought they would be great in calzones, so using PW's pizza crust recipe (love!), some fresh roasted tomatoes, and basil from the garden,
I made these yummy pockets of goodness.  
Sometimes, it's so fun to put in a little extra effort in the kitchen...
OK, in quilty news, I've actually been quite busy in the sewing room, but not with a lot of finishes.  Lots of little progress on several different projects.  But I'm having fun!  Like, deciding just the right shade of red...
It's Tomato, by the way, at least for this particular project.
Does anyone else still have to buy a bunch of yardage even though you have a Kona Color Card because the squares are too small to really tell???  Maybe it's just me...looking for an excuse to buy fabric...


  1. Looks like you're having fun in the kitchen! My goodness that is a lot of red. How will you decide?!?

  2. The food looks yummy, but I couldn't possibly comment on fabric buying... *ahem*

  3. Mmm, homemade ricotta sounds incredible! And yes, PW's pizza dough recipe is a good one! I do like to buy larger pieces of Kona, mostly because you can't have too many solids!