Sunday, September 23, 2012

On Color

Let's chat about color, shall we??  I love color - all of it.  Really, I do.  I love the brights, the softs, the subtles, the neutrals - which kind of makes it hard to narrow it down to one palette when I'm, say, decorating a room in a house.  I fall in love with one group of colors, but then feel locked in.  But with quilts - quilts! - I can make them again and again and again in limitless color groupings.  It never gets boring!  And, like most quilters, I see quilt inspirations wherever I go, in all kinds of everyday objects.  I thought I'd just share a couple of things that caught my eye lately and pull fabric from my stash that would make a quilt in that palette.
First up, my daughter (quite the little 4 yr. old artist herself) loves to play with my supplies while I'm sewing.  She arranged these buttons the other day and I had to snap a picture.  Love!

 And here are the fabrics I thought went well with the buttons...
Next up, we have my son's hackey sac, also doubling as an indoor soccer ball these days: 

(Look at that dark green!  I never would have thought to have added that with the orange and teals, but it looks great !)
And here is the fabric stack it inspired:
 There's color combinations everywhere you look.  Here are just a couple more from around my house, all just begging to be used in quilts.  I'm only happy to oblige :).

So tell me, where do you get your color inspiration???


  1. What a great post, Valerie! I know exactly what you mean -- it's so great to be able to have endless creativity with each project as to color and design. I think it's what I love most about quilting! :)

  2. To be honest I'm terrible at narrowing down colour schemes unless someone else has done it for me in a fabric line, so I get whole rainbows! I'm hoping that Jeni's class at SS will help me narrow things down tastefully lol Or I could actually look at all those design seeds blog posts and play match the colour pallette, but I always forget about them...

  3. I've never really thought about color inspiration. Guess I'm more an "I know it when it hits me" kind of person. But I did want to say that I love these photos, and those buttons and that yarn are particularly wonderful! Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. Lovely! You're right; it can come from anywhere. I really like to experiment with combinations I might normally reject. Sometimes, that's a good starting point. And definitely, looking to nature for palettes is wise!