Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival Fall 2013

                                              Blogger's Quilt Festival -

Y'll know I'm a big fan of Amy's Blogger's Quilt Festival, where twice a year she hosts a giant linky party for quilters to enter their quilts in a variety of categories.  What a treat this online quilt show is!

I'm entering Claudia's quilt in to the Group/Bee Quilts category.  I know I've recently shared this, so if you'd like to hear the whole story, click here.  The quick version is that my sweet friends in That Stash Bee and I made this quilt for my friend Claudia and her family who lost their 6 year old son Michael earlier this year after a tough battle with Neuroblastoma cancer.  There are no words for this kind of heartbreak, but I knew I wanted to make them a quilt in the hopes of offering some kind of comfort.  I asked my bee mates for a variety of stars and the words Faith, Hope and Love in a rainbow of colors.  I was in awe as the blocks started coming in!  What a joy it was to put this together, although many tears were shed while making it in memory of that sweet boy.

Here's the back:

I did that giant LOVE banner and liked how it came together with the scrappy stars.  This quilt was full of significant coincidences such as Michael's birth year in one of the fabrics and birds on several of the fabrics, which is a favorite of Michael's and his family.  

I know this quilt is loved by my sweet friends, and I feel so grateful to my friends in That Stash Bee for their help in making this quilt for them:

It was so great to work together with friends across the miles to make this quilt.  Enjoy the rest of the Festival!


  1. This is such a beautiful quilt, and sentiment, and I'm sure it brings light and love to Claudia and her family. I've been thinking of Michael a lot during this time of year, and I hope you and Claudia can fill the season with happy memories.

  2. Lovely - both the quilt and the love/thoughtfulness behind it xx.

  3. I remember reading about him. Such a hard thing. This is a beautiful expression of love

  4. This is really a lovely quilt!

  5. Such a beautiful quilt and not just visually!

  6. I think it is not easy to create a homogenous group quilt. But you mastered it perfectly. I love how the colours are mixed and yet strucktured by those words. Lovely blocks and wisely assembled in a beautiful quilt. I am sure the quilt will comfort Claudia and her family by the love you have sewn into it.

  7. Gorgeous quilt, I do hope it brought them some comfort

  8. Pass the Kleenex, I'm having a moment. What a quilt full of love!!! Quilters never cease to amaze with their outpouring of love to those in need of a a hug.
    Beautiful quilt full of love.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie