Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Quick Flying Geese Tutorial

Here is a quick tutorial for Flying Geese really written as instructions for my fellow Stitch Teasers since its my month to be Queen Bee.  It's pretty basic, and there are tons of tutorials out there for these - but I'm going old school back to the basics for these this month which allows for lots of variety for this quilt.

So, Stitch Tease Bee Mates:

This is what we're going to make this month.  Let's just pretend all these flying geese are all joined together nice and pretty for one giant block that will finish at 15" x 20".  It's made of 24 individual flying geese that measure 3" x 5 1/2".

This is our color palette inspiration:
milk tones
                                                          (Source: Design-seeds.com)

You will need to cut:
24 assorted prints 3 inches  x  5 1/2 inches
   Magentas and Golds (I would love to stick to only the colors in this palette)
   Maybe a couple (no more than 3 please!) Medium gray prints randomly in the mix too!

48 assorted low volume 3 inch squares
   White/Off-white with gray - very soft


Draw a line corner to corner on the wrong side of the 3 inch square.  (I just mark it with a Hera Marker).

Line up a square on top of the rectangle of fabric that will be your "goose", Right Sides Together.  Sew directly on this line and trim 1/4 inch away from line for seam allowance.  Press.  (Don't throw away those trimmed triangle scraps - they will make a lovely half square triangle for another project!  I usually go ahead and sew them up right away so they're already done.)

Repeat on the other side - Sew on the marked line, trim 1/4 inch away and press.

Done!  Pay attention to the top of the block - there should be 1/4 inch on top of the triangle's point.  This is important so that when the blocks are sewn together, the goose's beak doesn't get chopped off!

Then just arrange the geese in a random layout (geese pointing up in one direction please!).

These come together really quickly and hopefully won't be too much trouble for my bee mates - Thanks y'all!
I can't wait to see this quilt come together!  I'm so enjoying being in this group :)


  1. Thanks for the tutorial - I really like your straightforward directions and pictures! May have to give these a try, I have never made them before. Your block looks fantastic!!!

  2. It's going to look lovely. I shall start digging through my stash. Maybe I will even be on time for this month!

  3. Well I have made mine already!! Was a bit of a stretch colour-wise, so I hope mine will fit in - will get some pics and put in the pool later xxx

  4. I'm really really wanting to make the geese. thanks Valerie!

  5. I hope you don't mind if we repeat fabrics you have there, as long as they're different in our own blocks?

  6. Oh my gosh, I love these! Those text fabrics in the background are fantastic, Valerie!

  7. I love this quilt pattern! Can you tell me the name/manufacturer of the orange floral print? I would love to use this print in a flying geese quilt that I am planning.

  8. This is easy peasy- thanks for the clear tutorial Val! xo

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